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Lightening Up

Part of the process of Inquiry Method, and a big part of Life at Altitude, is lightening up. It’s hard to stay at altitude when we are heavy. For instance, at the Mountain Experience, we find feelings and experiences that we’ve accumulated that are heavy and we let them go, this letting go makes us […]

Love is the best feeling

I’ve talked before about how it’s better to love than be loved. And, what I mean by that is that somebody could love me and me not feel anything, but I can’t love somebody else and not feel anything. So, the feeling of love is the best feeling in the world. And, it doesn’t just […]

On Contemplation

I’m sitting here thinking about life at altitude and what practices are associated with it. Obviously, Inquiry Method is the primary practice associated with life at altitude, but there are other practices that are going to come out over the ensuing months that if included in your life, really support life at altitude. You may […]

Hosting during the Holidays

OK, here is my take on traditional holiday themes. You can look back at some of my other holiday blogs, but in general, there are two things that create most of the stress around holidays: Dealing with family Being a host We cover dealing with family in past blogs, so let’s talk about being a […]

Emptying Out

Emptying out is an important life practice, as we go through our day/lives we accumulate thoughts, impressions, feelings, ideas, hurts, judgments, etc. There is a way that these things start to block our system, like a form of mental or emotional constipation. It is important to clear our system out regularly to a safe listener. […]

3 States

It has been so helpful to recognize I have a choice every moment. Not about what is happening right now, but about my relationship to it. My 3 choices are: Resistance Acceptance Approval I choose. If I resist, I create struggle in me and around me. In acceptance, I become neutral, but neutrality is a […]

Meet Peggy

Hi wonderful people, I’m Peggy! I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. I just joined the team at Inquiry Method and wanted you to know a little more about me and what I’ll be doing. For a long time, Kyle has had a vision for more connection and community and I’ve come in […]

Reducing Your Shoulder

A good friend of mine dislocated his shoulder at a retreat I attended last week.  A dislocated shoulder is very painful and scary; my friend had amazing composure and presence in his discomfort.  However you cannot, like in the movies, put it back in yourself, you need help. I have been trained how to “reduce” […]