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I was teaching at the Mountain Experience and someone asked me about how they could learn to be better at self-care.  I was in a feisty mood as a teacher that day and I said, “everything you do is self-care.” There was a bit of a stunned silence. It is true.  There is nothing you […]

People Are Good

I am traveling today and I like to remember that people are good.  I notice that in general that I tend to resent the person in the seat next to me on the airplane as an imposition and nuisance, usually making some judgments about them in some way or another.  Without connection people are just […]

Honesty vs. Vulnerability

I was walking with a friend the other day and they and they said they were working on being honest in all their relationships.  There was a little part of me that cringed.  In my experience in having people “be honest” with me it usually meant that I was about to be criticized, honesty often […]


Seasons are a form of rhythm that are undeniable and a powerful influence on our lives. In our culture we have kind of denied those rhythms and often try to just keep on plowing ahead regardless of them, but it’s important to recognize their effect on us. For example, summer is a time for activity […]

Want or Fantasy

Before we can manifest the life we want, we have to identify what it is that we really want. Most people’s ideas of what they want originate from their egos or identities or even popular culture. We often want things for the idea of things; we often want things that do not include the cost […]