Confident In Your Ignorance

We are a culture that values and defines ourselves by what we know. Knowing is so important, and yet we know so little. Our ignorance is almost complete. We do not know how gravity works. We do not know what light is. We do not know the best diet to keep the human healthy. We do not know why we are here. We do not know what we are doing, we do not know what happens after we die. We know virtually nothing and pretend to know everything. It is a great illusion. It happens on a grand scale, in science and medicine. And it happens on a micro scale on a day to day basis. It is one of the great obstacles to intimacy and connection. We so often think we know what is happening in another person, and most of the time we have no clue. This is why Inquiry is so powerful, because it is the process for understanding and knowing another person.

This awareness came to me so strongly while in a café, I was listening to a mother interact with her child. The child was asking questions and the mother was trying to know. Trying to give the answer. And in fact, she was inaccurate in her answers, and felt she needed to try to hold the higher ground of her authority and knowledge over her child rather than having the willingness not to know.

The willingness not to know created science. The willingness not to know created discovery and invention. The willingness not to know is the forefront of genius. Knowledge is not genius, genius is the willingness not to know.

That is why I teach Inquiry and that is why I see Inquiry as the basis of relationship, and our engagement with life is this willingness to go forward into the world without knowing with the openness and curiosity to discover.

This interest in discovery and self-discovery is the basis of the spirituality behind Inquiry Method™. It is the basis of what we teach and what I want to convey to people when they participate in the processes and the coaching that I offer.