I Am Not My Thoughts or My Feelings

One of the powerful effects of Inquiry Method™ is practicing a separation to distance my consciousness from my emotional or mental body. We have a mental body/mental structure that provides our thoughts and our thinking, and we have an emotional body which provides the emotional content that we experience. For many people, there is no separation between these. We even speak of our emotions in terms of “I am angry”, “I am afraid”, rather from the conscious level, such as: “I am feeling angry”, or “I am feeling afraid”. The same goes for our thoughts, we start to think that we are our thoughts, that “I am this thought”, “I am this belief”, “I am this idea”, and through Inquiry Method™ we can distance our consciousness and examine these thoughts or feelings from the deeper part of ourselves; from the soulful part of ourselves.

The capacity to rest in our consciousness over our emotional reaction or over our mental thoughts, or structures, gives us a freedom to examine these thoughts and feelings more objectively so that we can receive the information they are offering. This is part of how we develop our consciousness and awareness through Inquiry Method™. It is a profound and peaceful way of experiencing life, once we remove our reactions from our thoughts and emotions.

… The catalyst for this blog was from a session that I was receiving coaching from Kyle, in describing how I was feeling I observed that I was having an out of body experience between what I was feeling and my thoughts. I suggested to Kyle that although I could recognize that I was feeling sad, I was more of an observer, and curious about the emotion rather than being pulled into my sadness. I was cognitively aware of my emotion; but was observing my feelings in the third person.

It was a scary feeling for me to feel disconnected between my emotions and my mind. And at first it was uncomfortable to navigate as an observer to my feelings. I now recognize the power that I will grow into as I evolve my capacity to distance my emotions from my thoughts, and welcome Inquiry Method™ as a path to this growth.