It’s Not Personal

The other day, I was working on a task with a friend. When I was struggling with the task, I found it affecting my mood. As my mood was affected, I noticed that my friend’s mood was also changing. When I asked her if she was taking it personally, she replied, “No, I am not”. Because I also coach my friend, I took the opportunity to explain that, even though she may not have blamed herself for how I was feeling, I could tell that she was still taking it personally. Here’s how I knew:

If my bad mood is negatively affecting someone elses, they are subconsciously taking it personally. As soon as that person judged me, they began to turn that judgment on themselves. They began to project how I was feeling onto themselves, and were brought to Level II: entanglement.

It’s very challenging to always be completely unaffected by other people. This blog is to make people mindful of the mood shifts that are caused by others. Start to be much more mindful. When you take it personally, see it as a great opportunity to make a shift in your consciousness. When you begin to take note of these experiences, you will find huge opportunities for growth and development. Eventually, you will even have the potential to become less affected by these people.

If this is something that you find happens with you and your spouse, a Couples One-Day and Couples coaching is a perfect opportunity for you. When we start to work with our partner around what we are taking personally, we get huge benefits of love and intimacy. We find that entanglement is not the highest level of love and intimacy, but is simply a level that we need to transcend.