How Deep Is Life?

When did we begin to believe we had to do it all on our own?

We have this idea in our culture that we are supposed to be independent, handle everything ourselves. So we shut down and close the world out of our inner life.

As we repress our selves inside, we grow thicker walls.

Inside the walls, the loops of thought repeat over and over again.

Until we allow someone in to support us in questioning our thoughts and beliefs, most of us are stuck playing out life with the same playbook. Maybe we’ll encounter new situations and questions but our approach is always with the same set of tools, or perhaps occasionally we come up with a new one.

What happens when we can open enough to download a whole new set of plays, a whole new set of rules, to enter into a new field of play? The game all of a sudden gets bigger. It may be disorienting at first but as we start to get grounded in this deeper game with deeper rewards: Tic-tac-toe to checkers to chess to…, each new mastery becomes a deeper discovery into what is possible.

The depth of life is infinite why stop here?