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Living a Desire Based Life

I recommend a life based on desire. But, how do we know what we want? How do we get to know ourselves? To get to know your desires, you tap into your source. Get quiet, wait, and see what you desire. Don’t put your attention on your mind or your emotions. Just wait. And, some […]

Living Philosophies

There is a range in philosophies of life from Living Philosophies to Concrete or Non-Living Philosophies. On one end of the spectrum, Living Philosophies continue to evolve whereas Concrete Philosophies are static. Living Philosophies are informed, updated, and, in a way, transformed by new ideas. Living Philosophies have truth at their core and they are […]

Getting Humble

When I first began to work with my teacher, Kendrick Mercer (my father), I was in awe. The way he worked with people was amazing. He had a tremendous effect on them and their lives. His approach made people feel safe while he challenged their most closely held beliefs. He was strong and soft, his […]