Hosting during the Holidays

OK, here is my take on traditional holiday themes. You can look back at some of my other holiday blogs, but in general, there are two things that create most of the stress around holidays:

  1. Dealing with family
  2. Being a host

We cover dealing with family in past blogs, so let’s talk about being a host.

Most people think being a host is about making people happy. This is problematic because not everyone wants to be happy. People who want to be happy will be. People who don’t want to be happy, won’t be. So, we have to let that go.

Being a host means two things. It means offering and sharing things that you like with others and sharing your graciousness and goodwill.

The game about hosting is not about how other people respond but how you show up. How you show up in regards to what kind of host you want to be. My preference is to be a grounded, loving, generous, caring host who offers an environment, music, food, and gifts that I value and that mean something to me as a host. I imagine bringing people into a world where they can relax, where they can feel my relaxation and presence. I imagine creating an experience where they feel more than being served; they feel my ability to connect with them, and they feel an environment of safety and non-judgment. Why do I like doing this? Not necessarily because of the impact and result I get with others, but because I enjoy being in the role of and playing the part of Kyle as host. That’s where I get my holiday enjoyment. What kind of host do you want to be?

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Happy New Year!

What potential rests in a new year for you? Consider writing about what you would like to manifest in yourself and your consciousness over the next year. Areas of consideration: what changes or development would you like to see in:

  • Your emotional self?
  • Your mental self?
  • Your creative self?
  • Your connection with others?
  • Your relationship to self and,
  • Your relationship to life?

I recommend you take the time to sit down and write a paragraph for each area of consideration. Use this as guidance for preparing and developing your coming year. Find activities, books and other ways to develop in each one of these areas for 2018.

Life is so precious and we can take it so casually. Let us use this opportunity of a new year to get clear and create intention about calling in an amazing life.

Happy New Year!

With love,


What do you want for Christmas?

What do you want for Christmas?


What do you really want?


No, what do you really want?


Focus on making that part of your holiday season.

Happy Holidays make it a good one.


With love,


A Thanksgiving Moment

Gratitude had me stumped for a long time, because of the consumer bias imprinted into my mind. In the consumer mind there is always comparison, more, better and lack. How can I be grateful when there is more and better to be had?

The grateful mind has lost this comparison, it realizes that existence itself is a miracle and that beauty is in everything all around us, and in us, all the time. No matter what the circumstances you are in this Thursday see if you can catch a moment of it and in that moment give your deepest thanks and gratitude for and to existence. Let us call it a Thanksgiving Moment. Blessings on your day. Love and thanks to you all for being a part of this beautiful life.

Happy Thanksgiving.



Holidays ll

As you are interacting with all the interesting characters in you holiday gatherings begin to notice the price of being right.

What if instead of being right you just became interested in exploring the other person’s viewpoint?


I often talk with people who are upset because other people are ruining their holidays. I tell them this is a misunderstanding.

Holidays are not for our personal enjoyment; we are not entitled to the holiday we want. Personal enjoyment is for all the rest of the days of the year. You should make your life so good that every day is just the way you want it.

Holidays are messy affairs where we make space for people we wouldn’t include in our daily life. We surround ourselves with people with different opinions, perspectives and behaviors. We make room for people we disagree with, we participate in things we wouldn’t usually do, we strive to become our least needy, most inclusive selves.

Holidays are beautiful chaos! Let go of control, go for the ride, enjoy the show! You can get back to yourself next week.