Finding Your Purpose

Finally, you have found the definitive guide to finding your purpose.

I was speaking with a client the other day and a curious question (inquiry) arose in me. We were talking about finding purpose; something that is on many people’s minds and is often a misunderstood topic. What we really mean when we are looking for a purpose is that we are looking to find a way of expressing our love, that is the bottom line.

When we express love in any form we feel it…we feel love. So we are all looking for a way to best channel our love so that we feel more of it. If you want to find your purpose, find any activity where you feel that you are expressing your love. You can change your purpose every day if you like, you can be expressing your purpose every moment if you like.

I have specialized in mentoring for part of my day because the better I get at it the more love I experience. I am also practicing expressing my love through tennis, my relationship with my son, yoga, community, housekeeping, art, feeding the jays out front; I am surrounded by purpose, amazing!

You are surrounded by purpose; your purpose is to experience and express love, not just as a (write in your profession here) but all the time and everywhere!

It is so simple, so profound, start practicing your purpose today.