Freedom To Fly

We all have a source, a capacity for inner-knowing that has all of the answers for us, that knows how to get in alignment with life and in harmony with what is around us. By getting in alignment with life/truth we are at our best, we have the most influence, we inspire, and we become inspired. By finding harmony, things flow, we flow; this sense of flow and connection is one of the greatest joys we can experience.

What interferes with our capacity to get into this alignment is mind.

In our minds, we make up stories about how things are or should be (or how we or others should be). When these stories are different from truth (most of the time they are) and if we don’t change our stories to fit truth we then experience dissonance (non-harmony). We struggle and create struggle around us.

Using Inquiry Method, we work toward eliminating stories, beliefs, and ideas that don’t resonate or align with truth. Every story you carry that is not truth creates suffering and struggle in your life. Every false idea that you give up creates more alignment and happiness.

Negative emotions come from being out of alignment with life.

Our emotions are here to serve us in the same way our 5 senses are: they give us information about what is happening right now. When we experience a negative emotion, it is actually a gift letting us know that we are out of harmony and alignment with life. It is a powerful signal to get back in alignment with truth.

Positive emotions are equally important: they give us the feedback that we are on the right track.

If we recognize our negative emotions as good information for getting back into alignment and harmony, we can take action to find the beliefs or ideas that we are holding onto that keep creating actions and feelings that are not serving us and the others around us. Inquiry Method offers the tools for exploring and resolving these emotional conflicts.

Every time you feel a negative emotion, you are being guided to release something that is holding you back from happiness. These emotions will increase in discomfort until you pay attention to them and learn what you need to know. Using experiences, substances, and/or denying them to avoid the feeling will simply defer happiness and strengthen the dysfunction.

If we are willing to do our inquiry, if we have the courage to look within, there is a bounty and joy waiting for us when we are able to align and harmonize with truth. To some of us this may seem like a loss of self, but in actuality we will never truly find who we really are until we give up the struggle. Freedom is when we are able to have this harmonious relationship with life, and on that canvas to fully express ourselves.