Human Being

Many of us can become slaves to doing rather than being.  We are human beings not human doings.  As we grow and want to live more in the present, we need to shift from doing to being.

When you have a to-do list, it can hang out there as undone work. For some people a to do list can be oppressive, meaning I never feel like I can really stop; my work is never complete.  People can also keep a to-do list as protection from ever running out of things to do.  We all need to have times when we have run out of things to do.

Here is a process to shift your life from doing to being.  The more rigidly you hold yourself to this practice, the more being you will experience.

  • Burn your to-do list (or apply the following process to it immediately).
  • When something comes into your mind that you feel needs to be done, proceed in the following manner. The choices are listed in order of preference:
  1. Act! Call, create, move, produce, express, act on the thought immediately, your brain could be giving you really helpful information and you can train yourself to act before you build up resistance.  Now you are lining up your mind, body, and source with action.  Try trusting what it is telling you.  (This is different than reacting from emotion. If you are in reaction, it is important to pause and wait.)
  2. As a second best, schedule what needs to be done. Put it right into your calendar. This has a similar effect as doing it. You have created the space to get it done. If you honor your calendar, you have in effect already completed the task.
  3. If you are unwilling or uninspired to do the thing or to schedule it, let it go; it does not need to be done.

If you follow this process, you will develop a life based on living in the present. You will be in constant flow, being and acting on your life powerfully. Then, any free time is truly free and ready to be filled with the current inspiration.

Over time, your mind will become trained to only give you messages that are in alignment with you and with things that you are willing to act on now, meaning things that you value highly, and in this way you will recover your life from doing and become a human being.


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