Inquiry Leadership: Esprit de Corps

I was writing an information sheet for speaking to business groups and I wanted to share some of what I wrote:

The first question I ask of a business client is:  If you pull up to the parking lot of your business and sit in your car and wait, do you feel any resistance to walking in the door?  What do you resist?  How would you have to set up your work and your business so that you were looking forward to walking in the door?

In this talk I support you in clarifying and manifesting your values throughout your organization.

“Our work becomes more meaningful and impactful on those we come in contact with as we connect with and create environments that express our deepest values.  Through this process we amplify a sense of esprit de corps, a sense of shared purpose and meaning which creates great companies.  Esprit de corps inspires customers and employees; companies that have it experience brand loyalty, employee retention, heroic efforts and contribution”.

This program is an interactive inquiry into your deepest motivations and inspiration; great for a renewal of excitement and engagement in your business.


You will walk away with clarity and written values, you will have inquiry tools and a better understanding of other group members to enhance future meetings and specific and practical esprit de corps enhancing actions to implement immediately.

How do you inspire and feel inspired?  What is the nature of great leadership?  How can you feel like what you do matters?  Why does success follow authentic leadership?

  • We will look into what motivates and inspires commitment and loyalty to a cause, company, or organization.
  • A unique concept called “Levels of Participation” will be unforgettable as a guide to inspiring your organization and customers.  From this you will understand how each person contributes and meet them at their level and inspire individuals to “level up”.
  • You will be able to specifically identify the nature of the esprit de corps of your organization and walk away with a new awareness and specific intentions toward what will inspire you and those you lead.

Inquiry Leadership inspires brand loyalty, perception of value and a sense of partnership in customers.  Employees not only feel more connected with the organization but because they clearly understand the intent of leadership can act in greater alignment with corporate objectives with less management.  Most important however is how our work as leaders becomes more fulfilling and meaningful.  Success follows effective leadership.

Kyle Mercer works with leaders who have discovered that they want a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in their lives.  Through connecting with deeper values his clients experience greater success and meaning that overflows into personal lives, health and well-being.