Lightening Up

Part of the process of Inquiry Method, and a big part of Life at Altitude, is lightening up. It’s hard to stay at altitude when we are heavy. For instance, at the Mountain Experience, we find feelings and experiences that we’ve accumulated that are heavy and we let them go, this letting go makes us naturally more buoyant.

We are naturally buoyant. It’s not that we have to climb to altitude; it’s that as we start to throw the rocks out of our canoe, we get more and more buoyant and float up. We naturally want to rise to altitude when we have cleaned out the heaviness.

Heaviness comes in many forms. Internal conditions can create heaviness. There is emotional pain, hurt, anger, and other emotions from the past that create heaviness in our lives. There are also thoughts, beliefs, and ideas that we hold onto that create heaviness in our lives. Voids can create heaviness, as well as drive. As we let go of these, we become more buoyant.

External elements can also create heaviness. Some external elements that we can lighten up on are how we use our time and how we use our money. Review these blogs to learn how to clean those things up. Also review giving yourself away

It is also important to identify what creates heaviness in our physical world. For instance, a lack of a diet and exercise not only metaphorically creates heaviness but also physically creates it.

Then there is our material environment, material clutter in our lives weighs us down with heaviness:

I was working at the house of a friend the other day helping her clean out her house. As I was teaching her to do it, I recommended a practice. I said, “For every item you put your attention on, ask yourself how you feel when you hold it or when you look at it. Do you feel lighter or heavier with this in your life? Everything that has a net value below zero, creates heaviness or a drag, goes out. Everything that inspires, lightens you and raises you up, stays.” It’s a beautiful practice, one I use often.

I like to have all my possessions be things that I love, I purge anything that doesn’t create lightness in my life, anything that isn’t energy positive. I often clean my drawers, my closets, my kitchen, my refrigerator. As I clean, I feel what feels light and what feels heavy, and eliminate everything that burdens my energy. Really make an assessment of your own material life. From time to time take a different area of your life and use the light/heavy test to determine what is burdening your aliveness.

Buoyancy and altitude are created as you bring better attention to yourself and clean up all the heaviness in your life, let’s all get going and float up together, it feels so good.