Living Philosophies

There is a range in philosophies of life from Living Philosophies to Concrete or Non-Living Philosophies. On one end of the spectrum, Living Philosophies continue to evolve whereas Concrete Philosophies are static.

Living Philosophies are informed, updated, and, in a way, transformed by new ideas. Living Philosophies have truth at their core and they are constantly finding new ways of expressing, transmitting, and communicating that truth to others. Practitioners of Living Philosophies continue to experience deeper and deeper truth through this evolution.

Living Philosophies are inspired by creativity and source. The intention of Living Philosophies is to feel and experience truth at the highest altitude.

At the other end of the spectrum, Concrete Philosophies tend to have an emphasis on established practices, thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. Concrete Philosophies have an emphasis on the words and processes that have come before. They emphasize ritual and language that are static.

Living Philosophies can get sidetracked or lose their way in their evolution if they aren’t closely shepherded and guided by those in direct connection with truth. They can become concretized if people adopt the words and practices (while not in connection with the truth), and then start to lend intellectual or dogmatic interpretations to the words, documents or rituals associated with those ideas. If they start to treat the philosophy in a dogmatic way, it can become static and concretized.

It’s not that a Concrete Philosophies can’t lead one to spiritual experience, understanding, or growth. It’s just that those processes are no longer evolving. Often the problem with Concrete Philosophies or the concretizing of Living Philosophies is that the words or ideas become more important than the experience.

A Living Philosophy is adaptable to the need or character of the individual. A Living Philosophy is informed by interaction with its followers. It’s informed by the individual practitioners, and so the philosophy continues to evolve thru interaction, and the individuals experience deeper truth and deeper understanding through this evolution.

It is beautiful to see the trend of many traditionally Concrete Philosophies moving toward the living end of the spectrum.


Can you think of examples? Have you lived by any Concrete Philosophies? How about someone you know? How have you experienced Living Philosophies? Do they feel different?