Inquiry Experience Weekend in Raleigh, NC: Inspiring Life at Altitude

For many years, people have asked me for an entry point into our work that is lighter and more accessible than the Mountain Experience. With the Inquiry Experience Weekend: Inspiring Life at Altitude, we have created just that.

In the Mountain Experience, we do deep work which may appear intimidating to some. The Inquiry Experience Weekend in Raleigh, NC, is designed to be light, fun, and safe, yet experiential, powerful, and moving. It is not intended to push into the deeper areas, but instead to learn and explore Inquiry Method™, to create a beautiful sanctuary, understanding, and connection over this two-day process.

Day One of the “Inspiring Life at Altitude Experience” will be about learning and concepts, Day Two will be applying the Inquiry Method™ work within both small and large group settings.

People are welcome to come and sign up for just Day One, and those who want to continue to develop the practical skills can join us for Day Two seminar as well.

For new people the Inquiry Experience Weekend will be a great entry point; for those who have participated in Inquiry Method™ before, it will be extremely enjoyable and useful. It will be a fresh, new, wonderful way to renew and recharge your Mountain Experience. We would love for you to come and bring a friend!

Tuition is $175 for Day One and $250 for both Day One and Two.
8:30 am Daily Arrival. Event: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.
Mountain Experience graduates who bring a friend will receive half-price tuition.


Two Types of Leadership

What is your reaction to being controlled?

I can always detect control, because when my system recognizes control, I resist. It may be subtle, but I can feel the beginning of a sense of resistance. To free myself from this resistance to being controlled, I simply give myself a choice about what I want to do.

How can you tell if you are being controlling?

You will feel or experience resistance from the other person. This is 100% effective.

If you are feeling resistance from someone else, you are being controlling.

The opposite of control is creativity. Creativity recognizes the power of engaging others in a story.

If you want to have the engagement and participation of others, without resistance, use creativity to create a story that they want to participate in. This also is 100% effective.

If you want to know what kind of a story they would love to participate in, use inquiry to find out.