Taking It Personally

While working with a client, I had a beautiful session that provided me with the opportunity to see something so clearly and deeply. I will share this insight with you through this blog and I am sure that it will continue to affect and develop the work that I am doing, I hope that it will have a similar impact for you.

Everything that is occurring outside of ourselves is not personal. This does not mean that everything that is occurring does not have information for us in how to grow and develop. But it is not personal. What happens when we take on a pain and personalize our experiences is that we end up feeling like there is something wrong with ourselves or we are inadequate. For example, a child that has become abandoned by a parent will invariably take it personally and feel that there is something wrong with them. In reality, the parent had their own personal struggles and challenges that did not allow them to care appropriately for their child, and likely is carrying significant amount of shame and guilt.

In the Mountain Experience when I work with someone around their pain, the ultimate objective is to recognize that what happened is not personal. When we recognize it is not personal and go through the letting go process, we can easily shed the burden of this past painful experience.

The only problem with life is when we take it personally.

Taking it personally means that there is something fundamentally wrong or broken with us. When we recognize that there is nothing fundamentally wrong or broken with us, we can see that whatever happens to us is the natural unfolding of life. That is part of the beauty of Inquiry Method™. When in our hearts we realize that what happened to us or what will happen to us is not personal, we create a whole new field of engagement that does not have to take on with what is happening. We are less identified with it and more able and capable to respond. These are the true underpinnings of the work of Inquiry Method™, the more we can take life less personally, the more actively, beautifully, gracefully, lovingly we can engage with life.