Hey everyone! Olivia here. I just got back from the Freedom Experience and am still processing everything that transpired and can’t wait to see what happens when the dust has settled.

It was a beautiful, challenging, opening, joyful experience. I haven’t laughed so hard, felt so deeply, and loved myself and others so openly in a long time, maybe ever. I was lucky enough to participate fully this weekend. Since I am new to the company, I am going through all the experiences to get a feel for them. My initial thought was, “I can’t believe I landed on such GOLD!” I had no idea what this company’s philosophy was when I first came on board but now I see how lucky I am to be here.
I’ve done a lot of personal development and simply put, this is different. Most personal development tells you to “do your work” but doesn’t show you how. Luckily for our clients Kyle isn’t willing to leave you wondering. He shows you what is standing in the way, how to access it, and how to clean it up.

I wasn’t the only one who had transformational experiences this weekend and I’m excited to share testimonials from participants in the group. These were all published with the blessing of the authors.

Just coming down off of the amazing Freedom Experience. After almost three years involved in the Inquiry Method I was searching for the next level of awareness in how I exist as well as coexist. I found what I was looking for…
It is very difficult as a male to face my ego and sensitivity. I wanted to drop my guard and truly examine what the “Matrix” and societal consciousness has done to dorm the way I handle stress and confrontation. It was difficult and even somewhat confrontational as my ego fought desperately to control my responses. I found the tools to better cope and move past my ego at the Freedom Experience. Every man should consider this…every man.  

I did my first Freedom Experience over 15 years ago and it was amazing but somehow this time I feel like I went even deeper. Maybe it’s because I’m not working for the first time in my adult life, but I really feel free. I don’t mean I have more time or more opportunities are even more wisdom. I have the freedom to really choose every single moment. I understood that I had to fill up my own cup to overflowing before I could give to others, but I wasn’t doing it. Now it’s really clear, I can feel it. As I learn to take care of me my cup is automatically filling up and the overflow is so full of love and possibilities that I have a lot more to share. It’s hard to explain to anyone that wasn’t with me but I would use the words grinning and spontaneous laughter and wholeness and fun.    -Kathleen

Everytime I walk away from an event, I am equipped with all of these new tools to flow through my life with ease. Happier, lighter and in connection. I’m always astonished looking back to 6 months ago when I first started this journey to live a life at a higher altitude. I’ve been able to witness the growth in myself and in my interactions with others, and it’s immense. The most wonderful part is… you just can’t do it wrong.  -Kayla

For me the Freedom Experience was exactly what it says it is – it’s and experience that gave me the tools to be totally free. Free from all the judgement and negative thoughts about myself that I carry around and free from all the labels I place on myself.  The  exercises and activities I participated in, to get to this place of freedom, guided me to dig deep and truly feel into my core, in a safe environment with others who were searching for this freedom along side me. I realized from this process I am not those judgements, I am not those negative thoughts and I am not those labels. I am ME and that is freeing. The process also allowed me to identify my desires and I realized that my desires can be easily attained each and every day. I am so grateful I attended. I am a different person and once again love myself with my whole heart. It was life-changing.     -Colleen

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