Hey everyone! Olivia here. We have a Hot Topic Call coming up at the end of this month called The Power of Feminine Desire: Awakening Your Purpose and Meaning Thru Sexuality. It is a powerful topic so I wanted to give you all a preview of what we will be talking about in the upcoming call. Since it is just for women, I also wanted to give all the men in the audience the chance to see how exploring their desire can help them live a life full of more “want to” instead of “ought to”.

Enjoy this video blog where Kyle and I dive into a conversation about using desire to create a life full of things you want to do!

Key Take-Aways:

Why is it important for us, women and men, to get in touch with our desire?

  • Desire can also be summed up as, “What do I want to do?”
  • As soon as we are born we are imprinted with majority consciousness which is the field of “Life should be like this”, “This is what you should want”, “This is how you should behave”.
  • It doesn’t matter what kind of household you grew up in, whether it was a hippy or conservative household. All these circumstances came with a set of “shoulds”. The problem with that is that none of those things have to do with “I”.It only has to do with what I’ve been told and majority consciousness.
  • All these “shoulds” are okay in childhood but because we don’t have a rite of passage where we cut all that conditioning off and start to discover ourselves, we lose being fed by our individuality, our own truth, desire, or what we want.
  • As long as I’m locked into this cycle of “should”, “have to” or “ought to” then there is no new generation happening in our life. If I say, “I don’t want to go to work today,” then there is an opportunity to change it. We can ask ourselves, “How would I have to set it up so that I did want to go to work today?”
  • Men get a lot more encouragement around their desire but generally aren’t allowed to feel things. Women’s desire is looked down on but she is generally allowed to feel all her feelings, although they may be diminished or disregarded. Feeling and desire are human experiences and not unique gender experiences.
  • Female desire is critical because it tends to think in terms of “want for us” whereas desire from the male energy is more concerned with “I”. Feminine desire tends to want everyone to have fun, or everyone to be cared for, or everyone to have everything they need.

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