Time: The New Precious Commodity

Twelve years ago, when I would talk to people about coming to a retreat such as The Mountain Experience, the primary issue that came up was usually money. “How much does it cost?” they would ask, “Is it worth it?” Nowadays, the money tends to be a smaller consideration, and time has become the larger issue. Time is the new precious commodity in our lives.

We have created the idea that time is more valuable because we can make money, but we can’t make time. This is a misconception!

If we think about it, we can actually see that we make time every day. Just reflect on the phrase we use when choosing what to do with our day. We state that we “have to make time for lunch,” or, “can make time for so-and-so” or “make time for this event”. We are making time, all the time. If we distinguish something as important for us or to us, we find a way to make time for it. We may do so by deferring or letting go of things that aren’t as meaningful, or by trying to squeeze too many things into a short period of time. You may find that there are beliefs or ideas in your head about what you should do, and that they interfere with your ability to “make time” for what is important.

Try this exercise: write down the activities that you do for your happiness, well-being, and self-care. Write down another list of activities that do not directly serve you. Begin to put less time into things in the second list, and start to make time for the things in the first.  An upcoming blog will help you do this, and make it easier to create your life through blocking your time.

How many of you would like to come to the Mountain Experience of the Freedom Experience and are having trouble making time? What is in the way?