Vulnerability: The Willingness to be Changed

There’s a lot of misunderstanding about what vulnerability is. That’s because there are many definitions; in fact, in the Inquiry Method™, we create our own definitions to make sure everyone is on the same page.

In our culture, the word “vulnerability” is often used as a synonym for “weakness”. When we have lots of emotional pain, and have not done any work to release it, and are not solid inside, vulnerability can be negative. We don’t have enough security in ourselves to be that vulnerable.

My Inquiry Method™ definition, however, has nothing to do with weakness. To me, “vulnerability” is “the willingness or ability to be changed”. It can be a huge asset in someone who is whole, healed, and grounded. For example, I am vulnerable in a conversation, because I am willing and open to being affected by what you are saying. In my groundedness, I am open to hearing feedback and being changed by it. In a grounded person, vulnerability is being able to know and share a deeper truth.

Doing the work of Inquiry allows us to approach this new level, where vulnerability is sharing instead of weakness.