What if it is possible?

An unquestioned clarity that you are living the right life for you.


What if it is possible?

Mastery of tools and ability to address and resolve obstacles.


What if it is possible?

Experiencing a deep belief and trust in self.


What if it is possible?

Creating new levels of success based on what you really want.


Freedom Experience
November 12-15, 2015
Ashland, OR
call to register: 541-201-8096
*pre-requisite: completion of Mountain Experience or equivalent

"Weekly Inquiry"

Inquiry changes how you perceive, understand and inspire.

In business and in life, success is designed by how well you know yourself and how willing you are to shift and expand your perspective.

Do you have the courage to do the inward journey?  Have you accomplished a high level of success in life?  Measure the balance of your current success: Are you living the life you truly want? Are your work, home, spiritual and emotional lives in balance and inspiring?

Or are you confronting challenges or relationship issues – either business or personal? Is some aspect of your life not working?

An organic, energizing process.

Inquiry Method is a process for identifying and removing obstacles to personal and professional success, letting go of past ideas, stories and perspectives about ourselves and others, and for mastering our ability to connect with our source, our inner compass.

At it’s mastery level, Inquiry Method is a shift in lifestyle and perspective that takes you from reacting to life into developing an astute ability to be curiously engaged in life and cultivating possibilities.

As you move through the Inquiry Method process you find that what you create in life, the people you draw in and the circumstances you choose will resonate and mirror what you actually really want.

Coaching, leadership, team training.

Inquiry Method with Kyle Mercer offers individual coaching programs, leadership training, corporate team renewal and much more. We invite you to explore the options, call us and take your next step.

Most of our clients never thought they needed a coach. Now they never want to be without one.

Using Inquiry Method you explore who you are and what you want to be – both professionally and personally. An exceptionally skilled business/life coach, Kyle Mercer’s coaching and retreat experiences guide you to ascend to the level where you really want to live your life.

What are Inquiry Method clients up to in the world?
They include:


A successful scientist and businesswoman who is launching multiple philanthropic ventures.


A business professional who is balancing life and family while building luxury brands and making international films.


An accomplished investment banker who is finding the heart – and true fulfillment – in the world of investment banking.


A talented interior designer who has stepped up to the “A” list and discovered a new level of personal and professional success.


A CEO who changed careers and now inspires world-changing startup entrepreneurs.

new horizons

A top-grossing dentist who is overcoming a recent disability and breaking out into consulting and professional speaking.

new horizons

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I am in the airport right now and the fire alarm keeps going off with the message that the alarm is being investigated, but they are not turning it off.

The 2 Essential Skills

The first step is the inquiry into the relationship with self, this inquiry is an inward journey that has vast depth and potential for contentment, creativity, and healing. The second step, that can happen in parallel but not in isolation from the inner inquiry is into relationships, the inquiry into others.

The Curse of Entitlement

What would happen to you right now if you lost all of your entitlement to anything and the reality of your life remained unchanged, the only change being you lost all of your entitlement?
joy wave

Grow Up and Be Happy

I spent a lot of years being unhappy in many ways, about many things. I truly believed in all the great reasons for being unhappy, I had great arguments for my unhappiness that convinced many unhappiness skeptics.
spectrum of light and dark-2


It's important that we learn to work with our loneliness because it can deeply affect us mentally, emotionally and even physically.
Abstract Earth

Freedom From The Future

Your future can be as much a trap as the past; in fact many people are more future oriented than past oriented.
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Sommeliers of Discomfort

The problem that you and I have is that in order to grow we must be willing to look into our discomfort; in fact the guide to our potential is shown to us through our discomfort.
Mentoring on Black-Golden Watch Face.

A Simple Formula

Learning to mentor the people who work for you is the most important skill as a leader. Your mentoring can make a huge impact on productivity as well as a myriad of other benefits.