What if it is possible?

An unquestioned clarity that you are living the right life for you.


What if it is possible?

Mastery of tools and ability to address and resolve obstacles.


What if it is possible?

Experiencing a deep belief and trust in self.


What if it is possible?

Creating new levels of success based on what you really want.

Inquiry changes how you perceive, understand and inspire.

In business and in life, success is designed by how well you know yourself and how willing you are to shift and expand your perspective.

Do you have the courage to do the inward journey?  Have you accomplished a high level of success in life?  Measure the balance of your current success: Are you living the life you truly want? Are your work, home, spiritual and emotional lives in balance and inspiring?

Or are you confronting challenges or relationship issues – either business or personal? Is some aspect of your life not working?

An organic, energizing process.

Inquiry Method is a process for identifying and removing obstacles to personal and professional success, letting go of past ideas, stories and perspectives about ourselves and others, and for mastering our ability to connect with our source, our inner compass.

At it’s mastery level, Inquiry Method is a shift in lifestyle and perspective that takes you from reacting to life into developing an astute ability to be curiously engaged in life and cultivating possibilities.

As you move through the Inquiry Method process you find that what you create in life, the people you draw in and the circumstances you choose will resonate and mirror what you actually really want.

Coaching, leadership, team training.

Inquiry Method with Kyle Mercer offers individual coaching programs, leadership training, corporate team renewal and much more. We invite you to explore the options, call us and take your next step.

Most of our clients never thought they needed a coach. Now they never want to be without one.

Using Inquiry Method you explore who you are and what you want to be – both professionally and personally. An exceptionally skilled business/life coach, Kyle Mercer’s coaching and retreat experiences guide you to ascend to the level where you really want to live your life.

What are Inquiry Method clients up to in the world?
They include:


A successful scientist and businesswoman who is launching multiple philanthropic ventures.


A business professional who is balancing life and family while building luxury brands and making international films.


An accomplished investment banker who is finding the heart – and true fulfillment – in the world of investment banking.


A talented interior designer who has stepped up to the “A” list and discovered a new level of personal and professional success.


A CEO who changed careers and now inspires world-changing startup entrepreneurs.

new horizons

A top-grossing dentist who is overcoming a recent disability and breaking out into consulting and professional speaking.

new horizons

From the Blog


Being Bothered

It is strange but I often notice that we have a hardship economy. I mean that we like to accumulate hardships like they are valuable.

The Power of Doing

Every so often I get inspired to do all of the little things I have put off for one reason or another. Today I bought some shelf pins so I could put up a couple of shelves, I took something out to the garage that had been sitting by the door, cleaned up my email and a few other things. I love the feeling of less clutter.

Thanksgiving Inquiry Practice

This year at your holiday gatherings, try something new. Use this inquiry practice as an expression of your gratitude towards others: commit for the entirety of the gathering to make nothing about you.

What Things Mean

Our minds are constantly making up stories about what things mean. Particularly about what other people’s behavior means about us. What other people do is rarely about us, it is about them.

Stagnant Energy

What creates life, vitality, and productivity in any system, individual or group is the movement of energy. The biggest problems occur when there is stagnant energy, think of a log jam in a river. In all systems stagnant energy creates a back up of energy that shows up and can be identified in each individual in the form of stress, anxiety, frustration, depression, suppression, worry… These are all markers for stagnant energy.
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Money and Well-Being

Money is one way we can predict, to some extent, how secure we will be in the future. Money is stored energy. You engage in work that you are good at and store your effort and skill in the form of money for use in the future. It is important to develop a deep respect for money (your effort), and how it is used in your life, while not making it the center of your life.
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What Serves You?

Inquiry Method has a powerful tool for knowing if what you are doing actually serves you. It is called light and heavy. We are used to using our minds and our thoughts to make decisions. This is important for learning facts and analyzing a situation but not very useful to see if something is right for you.
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Inquiry Negotiations (The Cost of Getting the Edge on Someone)

In finding retreat sites for experiences I used to be a hard negotiator. I would get the price down to the least amount, the best deal I could get. I just figured that it was good business and I was a good negotiator. Then when I got there I was surprised about a negative attitude, problems, and issues.